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Originally a Hebrew word, popularized in English by the cartoonist Herb Gardner. A `sad sack,' a loser, a person who can't make any thing or any situation work right for him or her; unassertive, shy, timid. Reference: `The Joys of Yiddish,' by Leo Rosten. His definition is "An innocuous, ineffectual, weak, helpless or hapless unfortunate." There are other spellings also.
The poor little fourth-grader was such a nebbish that she peed in her pants, rather than speaking up and asking the teacher for a hall pass to go to the bathroom.
by Chuck Hastings June 29, 2003
A nebbish is an ineffectual person, someone timid, submissive, weak, helpless or hapless, a nonentity. He's unlucky, but mainly because he’s a loser right through to the core.

It’s an adjective formed from one of the most characteristic of Yiddish words. It was originally "nebech". In Yiddish it was originally an interjection, roughly meaning “You poor thing!”. Americans had trouble saying this word when it first appeared in the English language at the end of the nineteenth century, and they changed it to nebbish, with nebbishy as the much less common adjective.
Sarah: "He just sits there, and every time I make a suggestion, he goes with it, but mostly because he doesn't understand what I'm saying and has no dang opinion for himself!"
Marie: "Gosh, he's so nebbish."
#weak-willed #timid #loser #weak #helpless #awesome #nebbish #submissive
by Wone1568 April 10, 2011
1) An unitelligent person


2) A knobbily cabbage
1) "Ugh, my teacher is such a nebbish- he thought that Portugal was in South America!"


2) "We had nebbish for dinner last night- it was disgusting."
#cabbage #stupid #idiot #dumb ass #moron
by Write_a_Zoo January 09, 2010
Describes a person who, when they leave a room, makes those remaining in the room, feel like somebody just walked in
Wow thats a relief - the nebbish has gone
by Poppette May 13, 2016
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