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an unstoppable force of nature that will feed you, pamper you, and pester you at the slightest provocation. known to spout Yiddish randomly.
be warned: if you come to my house, you WILL leave with a full stomach and a bag of leftovers.
by Shwaggy February 13, 2004
a mother of the jewish religion who is overly uptight, protective and complains a lot
Mom, stop making me eat. I don't need a coat. your such a jewish mother.
by spamee January 28, 2004
combining of "Mother fucker" or "mofo" (to represent hatred towards the other person) with the term "jewish" (to represent the cheapness of the other person)
Nick: Hey i just finished work

Andrew: Want to go to McDonalds?

Nick: No, i got no money...

Andrew: You jewish mother!
by BBBOOOOOOIIISSSTTT October 25, 2012
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