Airsoft Is like paintball in many ways. Airsoft is usually slower paced game based off of Tactics, Ops, and Mil-Sim/Reenactments. When paintball is more fast paced. Yes Paintball hurts more and is easy to identify when hit while Airsoft uses an"Honor System".They sports differ in many ways but both have their own ups and downs.

Airsoft Pros:Can fire 6MM Paintballs, Major weapon Variety, Customizable and realistic guns, More realistic weight, A more Honorable Game.

PaintBall Pros: More identifiable hits, Faster Paced, Fires bigger rounds and hurts more.

Airsoft Cons:Slow Paced(Usually), You must have honor or threaten being kicked from game, Small rounds which can stray off, Constant Political votes to banish the sport.

Paintball Cons: Non realistic guns, Big ass Ammo Resevoir blocking your sight,No big weapon variety (Example Shotgunner, Machine gunner etc.) weapon classes Besides Assault and Long Range).

So overall both sports are better in their own ways and whoever is stupid enough to argue which is better has no life and is willing to waste whatever fragment of one he has arguing about it...Is a major Dumbass
Ignorant bastard: Airsoft is a pussies sport

Standard Airsofter: Have you even tried it?
by Centurion A3 March 09, 2012
air soft guns are realistic looking guns that shoot 6mm plastic bbs and some are replicas
my air soft gun is am M4 and a G36C
by trustfulfuture September 15, 2009
A hobby in which players wear military-style uniforms (sometimes this is not true) and wield realistic replicas of military weaponry. Essentially, it's non-lethal military warfare. Airsofting is all about realism, tactics, fun and awesome.

There's a few common misconceptions about airsoft. For one, it is not a game for 12 year olds, though I will admit, they often give all of us other players a bad name. It is not better or worse than paintball because it can't be statistically proven that one is better than the other; they're so different that you just can't say one is better. Besides, that's all a matter of opinion. Third, some paintballers may call airsofters wusses, but how many times can you say that a paintball has made you bleed? Sure, airsoft guns often don't, but you can still feel them when they hit you. Also, how much they hurt differs from person to person, and what gun the shooter is using. Some will hurt more than others. All of the BBs are the same size, but some of them are a different weight. They can be as light as .12 grams or as heavy as .25 grams; each weight producing different results in accuracy, speed and overall performance.

Note: Airsoft has a number of additional equipment, including landmines, grenades and plastic knives. As far as I know, paintball does not have any of these.
Airsofting often incorporates skill, tactics and teamwork.

Paintballing may apply these... very loosely that is.
by L96 of pain May 22, 2011
Airsofting is better than paintballing in every way! It has more realistic guns that aren't bright and fruity. It is actually realistic warfare, not just you peeking around a corner and letting your gun shoot 16 balls a second at a blow up barrier. Airsofting is also CHEAPER than Paintballing and at times it can also hurt more. You don't bleed from paintballing, but when you airsoft you bleed, and you bruise. I have gotten airsoft welts bigger than paintball welts and i have also bleed from my forehead all the way down to my chin. My friend broke his finger shooting at it point blank, no lie.

Paintballs=295 FPS
Airsoft=400 FPS

"Hey man wanna go airsofting?"
"Hell yeah man, except last time i went i was bleeding all over my face, now people think i have a bad case of Acne."
"Yeah man Timmy's HK416 is LETHAL!"
by XYZ?!?! February 29, 2008
A game where wanna be badasses who are usually too fat or stoopid to join the real military run around with gucci gear and plastic guns playing cops and robbers. They have terrible tactics and absolutely no understanding of real world combat (with real weapons and real bad guys) yet still call themselves "operators".
Hey let's play airsoft

-Sorry queer I'm heading to Afghanistan for 9 months to do big boy stuff
by supo3 July 10, 2013
A sport in which more mature fuckers play with fucking bb guns that fire frone auto to bolt action. U play by honors and not by annoying paint.
Takes more maturity to play airsoft than paintball!
by Jipper August 22, 2003
One of the best sports ever created. Takes more creativity than paintball. It can be fast or slow paced. 3 main differences between airsoft and paintball: 1. It hurts less but you will still know if you are hit. So in airsoft being hit is under the honor system. 2. You can play airsoft 2 days in a row. With paintball you would have too many bruises to actually want to play 2 days. 3. Airsoft guns are much more realistic.
Airsoft is better than paintball in some perspectives just as paintball is better than airsoft in other perspectives.
by jacob747 September 19, 2011

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