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A Sport.

A Lifestyle.

There is nothing like it in the world. The comradery, the teamwork, the family, the energy. It's absolutely amazing. You get on the field, butterflies in your stomach, ready to shoot some people in the face. You look at your opponents who are ready to do what they do. You glance at your teammates, with fire in their eyes. This is what you live for. Nothing matters but this. Right now. With your family. Working together to achieve a goal. This is paintball.

Love it, for it is what you live for.
Paintball is life.

Airsoft is death.
#paintball #teamwork #determination #skill #anti-airsoft
by BigBalla89 July 23, 2006
A lame thing to do when your application to the military got rejected because you had a kid with your mom. It's incenst, and its illegal. Airsoft should be illegal. You dress up like you're going to war, but you shoot plastic at each other. How fun. You run off the "honor system." Which means, shoot me and I won't call myself out.
I play airsoft because I'm too pansy to fight for my country, so I play in my backyard with plastic guns.
#airsoft #plastic #guns #military-wannabe #wimp
by BigBalla89 July 23, 2006
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