1. amazing artist

2. one who mushes your brain into a perverted-thinking machine. there is no way out ._.
That aiko, she made it so I can never look at an orange star lollipop the same.
by piece_o_chicken July 10, 2008
Means 'love-child' in Japanese.

Pronounced I-ee-koe.
Aiko, ya know... love child... in Japanese...
Ai- love.
Ko- child.

by Alyssa June 17, 2006
aiko is an amazing, funny, smart, energetic, and super athletic! aiko also means peace and love japenese. plus all the guys love to hang around her.
aiko, peace, love, athletic, amazing, flirtashious
by Minni<3'zMickey June 15, 2009

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