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A song written and sung by Outlandish. Many a people think gellieman wrote it, but he didn't
Aicha sung by Outlandish
by dogg March 13, 2005
18 20
a thouroghly unattractive female who is typically, socially not accepted and is always very annoying.
that girl is such an aicha, she gets on everyones nerves and no matter how hard anyone tries, she cant get along with them.
by skits98 October 24, 2011
3 11
the love interest of sarah, amy and shira.
"I dont kneeew i dont kneeew, aicha in my life..."
by farmerho February 01, 2004
7 16
an unexplainable song. is he serious? is he kidding?

the only thing we do know is that this kid needs proactiv.

so sweet, so beautiful.
every day like a queen on her TRONE.
by nigga please April 09, 2005
9 22
An imaginary thing that dorky men with pimples, horrible voices, terrible dance moves and wierd voices make up. Either a woman, or a dog...aicha will never be real.
"So sweet so beautiful....
Aicha, aicha passing me by, I don't kneew i dont kneeew, aicha in my life..."
by FarmerHo February 01, 2004
6 28