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the greatest song ever performed by gellieman. he is a master.
so sweet, buetiful....
by grat February 08, 2004
a song sung by the coolest fucker known to man...gellieman...much props brother, you really pulled it off!!!

originally sung by outlandish, but who the hell cares about them? cool ass white boys with acne kick ass!!
so sweet, so beautiful, and everyday like a queen on her throne, dont no body knows how she feels, aicha lady one day you'll be real, she moves, she moves like a breeze, i swear i cant get her out of my dreams, to have her shining right here by my side, i'd sacrefice all the tears in my eyes, WOO WOO WOOO, aicha aicha passing me by, there she go again...aicha aicha, my my myyyy OOOOOH, aicha aicha smile for me now, I DONT KNOW I DONT KNOWWWW, aicha in my lifeeeeee
by quinn May 20, 2004
Song NOT originally written or sung by Outlandish. Written by Jean-Jacques Goldman and sung by French-Algerian artist Cheb Khaled. It was released on his album "Sahra" in 1996, sung in French and Arabic but adapted by Outlandish, and many other artists. Original is much more beautiful than the many copies, check it out.

Aicha is also a popular Arabic name, meaning "Life".
"Comme si, je n'existe pas.....

Aicha, Aicha... E'couter Moi....."
by Bloqyeigh January 09, 2009
the most amazing and beautiful girl alive with the most beautiful eyes if you ever meet a girl called aicha you are truly the luckiest man alive. she is an amazing and beautiful woman who is an amazing sister girlfriend wife sis in law ect she is just remarkable there is nothing that could describe her beauty
omg is that aicha shes perfect
by qwertyuiopqetuo November 18, 2014
A song performed by the one and only GellieMan. Some believe this is some kind of joke or parody of boy bands...but it's not. The kid was really trying. Either way he shows off some kickass dance moves at the end of the it. LOL
To have her shining right here by my side, I'd sacrifice all the tears in my eyes, ooooh...

She moves how?
by dave June 17, 2004
an elusive female love interest pursued by the internet community often intertwined into everyday fantasy and applied to members of the female race. also used in adjective form
that girl is stupid fly, my true aicha
by Jesse E January 26, 2004
an imaginary love interest used as a ploy to add machismo to a male lacking testicles..
"Aicha lady, one day you'll be real" - Gellieman
by Rodimus December 16, 2003
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