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- The Best Damn University in the nation
- One of the largest Universities in the nation.
- Home of the one of the most elite football programs in the nation who is always ranked in the top 10.
- Home to one of the best basketball squads in the nation.
- Only school in the nation to boast a top 10 football, basketball, baseball and women's basketball program. "We're Texas".
- School that owns the poor aggies in every possible sport except women's soccer.
- Also referred to as "Texas", "UT" and "UTexas".
- www.utexas.edu
The University of Texas owns!
by CorporationX January 26, 2005
Hot female pornstar who only does lesbian scenes now.
Damn, Jenna haze is hot!
by CorporationX May 26, 2004
The longhorn mascot at The University of Texas.
Bevo is cool
by CorporationX May 25, 2004
Parody of "Fangor", which is often used to refer to Ahrnokten.
fangor, let's go get some food, fgt!
by CorporationX December 04, 2004
When you rofl and own somebody at the same time.
omg roflownd! whatta fkn nublet
by CorporationX November 30, 2004
An offensive term coined by the Longhorns in making fun of aggie.

This word is censored on texags.com
Poor Aggy!
by CorporationX May 25, 2004
Common mispronounciation of 'ballstix', a high performance line of ram made by Crucial / Micron.
My computer has some ball stix!
by CorporationX March 10, 2005

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