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The only Middle-Eastern country that Americans can locate on a map. This is because Americans are ignorant to anything that doesn't involve them.
Son: Wow, pa, I know where Iraq is!
Father: Shut up and finish eating your grits.
by xXdarksliderXx August 11, 2005
Who gives a fuck how old the singer is! The band kicks ass, let's leave it at that.
From First To Last has a unique sound.
by xXdarksliderXx December 24, 2005
Two or more days of initiation to University. Activities include, among other things, drinking and partying.
Are you going to your faculty's frosh?
by xXdarksliderXx August 28, 2005
A red fruity beverage that no black man can resist drinking when any other option of soft drinks are also available.
I'll take a number four with a frutopia.
by xxdarksliderxx August 24, 2005
Away From Kitchen. A time when your wife is not found in her natural habitat, and you must thus make your own sandwiches.
My wife is AFK, so I am starving like the kids in Ethiopia.
by xXdarksliderXx January 11, 2006
An absolutely horrible movie made by Stephen Spielberg. The plot was thrown together in such a crappy fashion that you really can't follow it and make any sense of it if you don't read the book.
War of The Worlds was the shittiest movie I ever saw.
by xXdarksliderXx August 13, 2005
A cancer-giving device that has a long, cylindrical shaft, which you wrap your lips around and suck on. A penis generally has a long, cylindrical shaft as well. Interesting...
Male smokers are homosexuals in disquise. Quit smoking cigarettes, you become the fag that you are smoking.
by xXdarksliderXx September 28, 2005

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