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1. Used after something that has been said that you already know.
2. Used to reinforce something you just said, that you feel people should already know.
1.John:"Oh the party is on Saturday!!!"
You: "Aduh"

2. You:"Im the one and only person in charge around here, aduh."
by Rayianca December 15, 2007
a retarded kid's favorite word.
Hey Nick, what do you want for breakfast?

Nick: Aduh, eggs!
by Sex Pistol December 04, 2007
it's a slang in Malay. often use it when we are bearing a pain or something that makes us hurt.
A : aduh! stop flicking my fingers..
B : aduh! why you slap me?
by talktalkradio October 07, 2010
What retarded people who watch tv 24 hours a day say when asked a simple question.

Zac: What does 1+1 equal, Jack?

Jack: Aduh.

Zac: Hello! What's your name? Mine is Zac.

Jack: Aduh.

Zac: Aduh?

Jack: Aduh.
by Mokx August 20, 2008