A combination of 'adorable' and 'dork'.
Gran is so adorkable when he frolicks about like a fairy princess
by Anon201522 April 09, 2015
An adorable dorky girl that may or may not have a fetish for sparkles.
Man that adorkable girl loves sparkles
by Dimi the Dominator May 06, 2013
(Adj) Meaning an adorable dork.
My boyfriend is adorkable!
by Morgan Johnstone February 27, 2013
cute, adorable, and dorky but in a good way, people might find themselves gravitating towards adorkable people because they give people around them a good feeling
Guy 1:aw look at her she's so adorkable
Guy 2:I know right, she's so cute in that weird dorky way
by gymmast chicka December 31, 2012
adj: containing qualities of both adorable and dork.
Mia is so adorkable with her glasses!
by bonapetite May 05, 2012
A dork, but an adorable one.
Bob: Look at that girl over there...
JiM: oh yeah! She iz adorkable,tho.
Bob: shes still hot
by notwhoyouthinkitis April 21, 2012
the art of doing something dorky, or with dork characteristics, but in an adorable way. Adorkable is not a negative word, but a flirtatious term.
Amanda does the most adorkable things; Amanda is adorkable.
by DREZ27 August 23, 2011

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