something that is adorable in a dorky way
Wow, that guy is so adorkable!
by MilesOfSmiles14 June 16, 2011
A mixture of adorable and dork.
Shaniqua is so adorkable
by wardrobe_dumbledore June 23, 2014
Applied to someone who becomes so extremely dorky that it starts to become cute.
Person 1: "That new guy, he's such a dork!"
Person 2: "I actually think he's kind of adorkable."
by ninji December 12, 2013
A harmonious combination of the qualities "dorky" and "adorable".
My boyfriend's so adorkable, I just love him.
by Binaynaybread October 21, 2013
A super adorable dork.
Caleb is so adorkable.
by Boadicea June 13, 2013
It is so dorky it is adorable........
Your husband is doing the cabbage patch, it is so dorky but he is trying so hard that it is makes it adorkable.............
by jessistarnes February 20, 2013
1. someone who key mashes, flails, hides her face in a pillow, and squeaks.

2. Hayley. See livelaughlove1026@tumblr.
Hayley is adorkable.
by lologankraid March 05, 2012

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