adj: containing qualities of both adorable and dork.
Mia is so adorkable with her glasses!
by bonapetite May 05, 2012
A dork, but an adorable one.
Bob: Look at that girl over there...
JiM: oh yeah! She iz adorkable,tho.
Bob: shes still hot
by notwhoyouthinkitis April 21, 2012
the art of doing something dorky, or with dork characteristics, but in an adorable way. Adorkable is not a negative word, but a flirtatious term.
Amanda does the most adorkable things; Amanda is adorkable.
by DREZ27 August 23, 2011
something that is adorable in a dorky way
Wow, that guy is so adorkable!
by MilesOfSmiles14 June 16, 2011
A mixture of adorable and dork.
Shaniqua is so adorkable
by wardrobe_dumbledore June 23, 2014
Applied to someone who becomes so extremely dorky that it starts to become cute.
Person 1: "That new guy, he's such a dork!"
Person 2: "I actually think he's kind of adorkable."
by ninji December 12, 2013
A harmonious combination of the qualities "dorky" and "adorable".
My boyfriend's so adorkable, I just love him.
by Binaynaybread October 21, 2013

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