A mix between adorable and dork. It's like the cute nerd that everyone loves. Can also be known as Paul.
Paul is adorkable.
by SillyStringPanic May 11, 2009
One who is adorable or cute in a dorky (geeky) kind of way.
The new computer programmer in our building is adorkable!
by Sbird September 24, 2007
To be an adorable dork, or to act adorably with reference to something dorky
My girlfriend referenced fighting me with "meeting me in the wildy"... that is freaking adorkable
by Adorkable June 03, 2015
One who is an adorable dork
She's so aDORKable
by Princess Toni February 18, 2014
When someone or something is both dorky and adorable.....adorakable
He wrote me a poem, and it was adorable and dorky at the same time. It was adorkable!
by Meg/Jim's mom October 17, 2013
Adorkable, someone who is Dorky, yet adorable at the same time.
When someone says something something so stooopid, it's adorkable.
by J N PRO April 30, 2012
A hot chick that is cute and quirky but cool enough that she might actually go out with you.
With her beautiful smile, big boobs, great ass, wacky charms and goofball persona Marisa is sooooo adorkable.
by MikeD69 February 12, 2012

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