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The Phrase "Yeah I Do" is an answer, reply, statement, question, exclamation, remark, sentence opener or closer, or any other type of grammar you may need to use in any situation of any language. If you dont know the answer to a question or dont know what to say to the police when they ask you why your fly is unzipped and theres a corpse in you passenger seat, just say..."Yeah I Do". They will understand They always do. Started back in 2007 AD, By Kawa the IV, the now notorious phrase is now proven to help people quit smoking, and also chanted by many ancient tribes during there rain dance. If you say "Yeah I Do" during anything it is 100% that whatever you want will happen.
Tom: Man! It is such an awesome day out isnt it, what would you like to do today tim?

TIM: Yeah I DO

Tom: GReat!
by Slashluck..yeah i do January 03, 2009
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