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Adorkable, someone who is Dorky, yet adorable at the same time.
When someone says something something so stooopid, it's adorkable.
by J N PRO April 30, 2012
A hot chick that is cute and quirky but cool enough that she might actually go out with you.
With her beautiful smile, big boobs, great ass, wacky charms and goofball persona Marisa is sooooo adorkable.
by MikeD69 February 12, 2012
a person who is a dork and also adorable!
That Maddie is adorkable!

Alex is adorkable because he is darth!
by by:ALEX THE GREAT June 24, 2010
A mixture of adorable and dork.
Shaniqua is so adorkable
by wardrobe_dumbledore June 23, 2014
Applied to someone who becomes so extremely dorky that it starts to become cute.
Person 1: "That new guy, he's such a dork!"
Person 2: "I actually think he's kind of adorkable."
by ninji December 12, 2013
A harmonious combination of the qualities "dorky" and "adorable".
My boyfriend's so adorkable, I just love him.
by Binaynaybread October 21, 2013
A super adorable dork.
Caleb is so adorkable.
by Boadicea June 13, 2013