One who is an adorable dork
She's so aDORKable
by Princess Toni February 18, 2014
When someone or something is both dorky and adorable.....adorakable
He wrote me a poem, and it was adorable and dorky at the same time. It was adorkable!
by Meg/Jim's mom October 17, 2013
Adorkable, someone who is Dorky, yet adorable at the same time.
When someone says something something so stooopid, it's adorkable.
by J N PRO April 30, 2012
A hot chick that is cute and quirky but cool enough that she might actually go out with you.
With her beautiful smile, big boobs, great ass, wacky charms and goofball persona Marisa is sooooo adorkable.
by MikeD69 February 12, 2012
a person who is a dork and also adorable!
That Maddie is adorkable!

Alex is adorkable because he is darth!
by by:ALEX THE GREAT June 24, 2010
adjective. when someone is soooo dorky, it's fucking adorable. THUS making them adorkable.
"this is a baseball card of me from 1992 when i was 9 years old. (i had frizzy hair and big glasses) i was so dorky it's adorable. oh my gosh i was ADORKABLE!"
by Command post Captains November 07, 2009
1. adorable, dorky and cute
2. Jon
You're so adorkable with that goofy smile!
by trogdor13 January 18, 2008

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