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1. Any male who is considered nerdy:: thick rimmed glasses, unique style, smart:: by most people; yet girls secretly want. No explination of this unorthodox event has been found.
2. Dorky yet strangly adorable.
3. An uncommon occurance where a nerd develops either good looks or a sense of confidence that makes girls (and some guys) swoon over their presence.
4. An emo boy who uses the brainy look as a sense of style but does so in an attractive way.
Girl to best friend: *Shaun* is kinda dorky... i sort of like him though... but dont tell anyone ok?
Best friend to girl: are you serious? hes a total nerd!
Girl to best friend: hes adorable.
Best friend to girl: you mean aDORKable.
Girl to best friend: *sighs* yeah i do... but thats what makes him so great.
by alicia_marie April 14, 2005

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