Combination of adorable and dorky. The quality of being both endearing and geeky at the same time.
Girl #1: That guy with the glasses and the long hair is such a loser.
Girl #2: No he's not. I think he's just adorkable.
by Songtrees August 17, 2008
A quality that an individual possesses that by traditional standards would be called dorky or nerdy but however, has a loveable, affable, quirky charm.
"Adam wore red on Valentine's Day despite being single. It was so adorkable!"

"Shannon thinks the guys on the Big Bang Theory are so adorkable!"
by The Ministry of Propaganda February 13, 2010
1. A person who is cute and a dork at the same time.
2. A person acting like a dork in a cute way.
That little shiver movement she made was adorkable.
A person who is so adorable, but they are a dork (in a good way)
My asian friend in Alg2 (They don't let me name real people other than celebs) who is adorkable! {Hope this works} Cherry.
by RAWR-OR the dinosaurus May 25, 2009
adj. describes something or someone that is goofy or nerdy but adorable at the same time
The character Hiro on the t.v. show "HEROES" is adorkable.
by Natasha and Jason September 20, 2008
To act in such a dorky fashion that they become adorable. Thus making them adorkable.
Example 1
Person 1: "Aww lok at that penguin it's so adorkable!"
Person 2: "Yeah haha, it is."

Example 2
Person 1: "You know you're such a dork, but you're also adorable :)"
Person 2: "Yes!! I am finally adorkable!"
by Leonl39 May 29, 2011
Adorkable: Something or someone so cute that it's dorky, or so dorky that it's cute.
Josh and Jo-Dee accidentally put on similar shirts, except hers was pink and tied in front, and his was blue and did was adorkable.
by Princess_20 November 02, 2005

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