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funniest batman actor ever!
BATMAN: One, What has yellow skin and writes
ROBIN: A ballpoint-bananna!
BAMAN: Right! Two, What people are always in a hurry?
ROBIN: Rushing people? RUSSIANS!
BATMAN: Right again, now, what would you say they mean?
ROBIN: bananna...russians...I've got it! Someone Russian is going to slip on a bananna peel and break their neck!
BATMAN: Precisely, Robin, The ONLY POSSIBLE meaning.
by oswald the ninja July 19, 2004
the mayor of Quahog
I love this job more than I love taffy, and I'm a man who loves his taffy.
by APEPer May 05, 2004
A nice and kinda rudeish father who can't look his name up with out having batman come up wich is very annoying and has 2 great kids of his own
Adam west is a hard working father
by Kykyfffffff February 16, 2014
The Male "Camel Toe".
When a man wears his pants or shorts so tight that his package stands out and makes a "V" as if he were wearing spandex like in the old batman tv show.
Did you see that guys "Adam West"?
by Zack McWherter May 10, 2007

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