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1. The fictional Rhode Island town in which the Griffin family (from Family Guy) resides.

2. A place where D.U.I. means "Drink Up If-you-please"

3. A mollusk
1. Peter Grifin lives in Quahog

2. I get wasted every single evening

3. Quahogs taste like shit
by My name December 20, 2005
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a sort of edible mollusc, also called a cohog
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
The fictional town that "Family Guy" takes place in. Not many people know this, but Quahog actually means vagina.
Family Guy is an awesome show that takes place in the fictional place of Quahog.
by wesman8095 September 10, 2006
an attractive woman, who is easy on the eyes
oh god alex, be normal there are quahogs here
by poodleman jack October 29, 2004

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