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A past performer in American Idol (runner-up). He already released his first album "For Your Entertainment" a while back and has already done tours. His hit singles are "For Your Entertainment", "If I had You" and "What Do You Want From Me" written by P!nk a former singer and songwriter. He does have an upcoming 2 album although no exact date for it has been set or said as far as I know. He is well known for his "outrageous" performance in the American Music Awards. Lots of fans and supporters said that this performance was not as bad as everybody has made it seem (I agree.) Adam Lambert also performed and recorded a song written by former superstar Lady Gaga, the title of the song is: Fever. It was given a lot of positive feedback but wasn't a single he also performed a song written by Muse (also well known). Adam has obviously been very successful but the real controversial time was when the rumor of him being homosexual started after a leaked picture of him was exposed in the Internet. Adam admitted to this rumor say: "I'm Gay, I never tried to hide it and I really don't think anyone would be shocked by it" In Rolling stone magazine. He was surprised and pleased by all the support that he got afterwards (I am a fan and him being gay never made me think of him any more or any less of an artist.)
Adam Lambert is an amazing performer with a big voice!

The starting of all the "Glamberts"
by Musiclover4115 July 23, 2011
An awesome singer who was on season 8 of American Idol. Born on Jan. 29, 1982 he is one of America's best singers. HIs glam rock style gives him an edge. Openly gay, Adam has nothing to hide... as he says in his song Master Plan "I'm an open book so go on and take a look..". Every one celebrate National Adam Lambert Day on May 8th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Lambert, yeah I know him. He screamed in my ear causing me hearing damage... but it was awesome!!!

Adam Lambert, yea.... I have no comment.
by banana45.32168736854 February 26, 2011