An awesome singer who was on season 8 of American Idol. Born on Jan. 29, 1982 he is one of America's best singers. HIs glam rock style gives him an edge. Openly gay, Adam has nothing to hide... as he says in his song Master Plan "I'm an open book so go on and take a look..". Every one celebrate National Adam Lambert Day on May 8th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Lambert, yeah I know him. He screamed in my ear causing me hearing damage... but it was awesome!!!

Adam Lambert, yea.... I have no comment.
by banana45.32168736854 February 26, 2011
1.The Muffin Man who is oh so sheeeexxxxay.
2.One of the many thing that make you wanna say "ummm"
3.The best musical ARTIST ever seen on american idol.
4. The rightful American Idol, even though he's gonna be a star without it. =D
Adam Lambert looks good in tight pants.
Adam Lambert
by Bagdoingadoing. June 02, 2009
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