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(SIDE WAYS)side ways is a term used in prisons of california, when a inmate feels hes being disrespected by another they use this word .
e.g.#1 dont come at me side ways cause i'll fuck you up.e.g.#2 (streets)...( two girls arguing ),bitch if you ever come at me side ways again you fucken, trick, tramp, slut ,im going to rip you'r head off!!! and on top of that i'm going to fuck your man. .e.g.#3 don't let that fool come at you side ways. e.g.#4 i feel like you'r comeing at me side ways ,and you'r about one second away from getting a beat down like you stoled some thing.
by wic November 26, 2010
clean time/ prison term for the hiatus of the last time some one gave head and swallowed.
e.g.#1 i would kiss jenny if I was you, she just walked out of the room with brent she has no clean time on her what so ever. - another classic example ,of ain"t telling were those lip have been. this term could be used to sex play people male or female. e.g#2 what kind of clan time you got on you.
by wic November 08, 2010
(pinker and the stinker) is a threesome. 1, female ,2, males
pinker and the stinker #1 e.g. mariah was down to do a (pinker and a stinker) number , so we started hitting it,but this fool was hording the pinker ,and did'nt want to switch with me , so i ended up with a bunch of shit on my dick,it's cool though i still got my nut on . e.g.#2 roxy lets u and i and collin have a pinker and a stinker party:)
by wic November 26, 2010
a word thats used often by the people of vancouver wa. to to express how much they hate walking .
do you have a car cause i ain't going to mobb it !! e.g. 2 im not mobbing it to the fucken store it's fucken snowing out side.
by wic November 26, 2010
this is the mother of all gayness . he smoked elton jhon , and libirachi , it's as gay as it gets , so insted of saying thats so gay ,we say (thats so adam lambert).
that so adam lambert gay e.g.#1 what do you think of this shirt ? dude! thats so adam lambert . e.g.#2 that car is so adam lambert gay. this t.v show' is so adam lambert
by wic November 27, 2010

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