Used the day after any holiday or birthday. Basically, it's like using the word "Eve" before a holiday or birthday.
Steve: Hey, Butch, whatcha doing for Christmas Adam?

Butch: What the f*&% are you talking about, Steve?

Steve: Dude, everyone knows when Christmas Adam is. It's the day after Christmas, duh?????
by Teecat December 27, 2011
A nasty perverted dude with a weird mouth and hits on every girl. He can sometimes be an okay friend but he gets on your nerves. He doesn't take no for an answer and he keeps begging untill he gets what he wants. He has an okay smile but he is someone you don't want to get close with. Aquaintises are good. Friends are okay. Close friends keep a good eye out!
Adam: Send Nudes
Person: Sorry No
Adam: Pleaseeeeee
Person: NO!

Adam: Fine we can be friends

Person: yeah okayyyyy...
by Anon June 24, 2015
A guy who gives out 'bantz' but just can't take it. The ultimate hypocrite.
God, stop being such an Adam!
by Bariumnitrogentantalum March 03, 2015
A complete mama's boy. Has not taken the tit out of his mouth. Without fail his mama is always there to bail him out of trouble. This nancy can always be found flitting around his mommys skirt begging for a cookie. Never has the world found a more skittish fellow when confronted with any real world problems, unless, mams is around to keep the mean old men at bay.
Yup the apprentice is a real Adam.

What do you mean Adam is bringing his mama to the job he got fired from!
by dashizniz219 September 13, 2014
Adam while being hot as hell he's a huge ASSHOLE. He is completely self absorbed, obsessed with his own hot self. Don't get on his bad side because he remembers anything and everything so he'll go for blood.

Adam is incapable of loving anyone but himself.
"Why are you crying on your birthday?"
"Adam didn't get me a present then yelled at me calling me a baby when I mentioned I was still waiting for my Christmas present"
by BurlesqueNurse January 28, 2015
An asshole. The type of man who uses naive and impressionable girls for his own personal gain and leaves them emotionally and mentally traumatized. Untrustworthy, heartless, selfish, and uncaring. Doesn't take accountability for his actions and often blames the victim for the abuse.
"Adam hides behind a facade"
by H725H November 15, 2013
a pretty hipster individual, who usually denies the fact that he is in fact, hipster.
"there goes adam, wearing clothes his grandfather wore, while denying it"
by choochoooo December 11, 2013

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