A very arrogant and bloddthirsty pile of shit. He loves to Watch the World burn and would vote for trump.
Wow , this guy is such an Adam
by xXx_MLGThomasTheDankEngine_xXx April 09, 2016
A loving brother, uncle , friend , family member. All around a great person who will be missed dearly.
Adam is a funny caring person
by Blondie_2015whitley November 22, 2015
A nasty perverted dude with a weird mouth and hits on every girl. He can sometimes be an okay friend but he gets on your nerves. He doesn't take no for an answer and he keeps begging untill he gets what he wants. He has an okay smile but he is someone you don't want to get close with. Aquaintises are good. Friends are okay. Close friends keep a good eye out!
Adam: Send Nudes
Person: Sorry No
Adam: Pleaseeeeee
Person: NO!

Adam: Fine we can be friends

Person: yeah okayyyyy...
by Anon June 24, 2015
A life saver who phones your mother when you're too drunk to remember your phone password
Cheers bro I wouldn't have gotten home if it wasn't for you, you're a fucking adam
by Robbie5.5 May 25, 2015
A guy that's usually really insecure. He'll do anything to be accepted by the cool kids and isn't loyal at all. He never seemed to like girls, but actually gets in all the time.
I can't believe he just left... What an Adam!
by TreyLA March 20, 2015
A guy who is misunderstood to be dumb. But his friends are the main cause, he is a computer person. But before he can express the area he is smart in he is interrupted by his friends telling him that "They Don't Care. Shut up". Tries to be fun and acts like he is having a good time with his friends but is dying inside because of the jokes about his shortness and how he is nerdy. The only fun time he has is playing games and day dreaming about that girl he likes but is too shy to talk to. Funny and tries to be cute. His friends take his belongings a lot and tosses them around the bus. Cries silently sometimes. The only reason he still hangs out with his friends is that they can make him laugh sometimes. Adams are usually shy.
Guy : Adam, sit by us!
Adam : *silently tries to walk pass*
Guy : *sits Adam down*
Adam : *silently laughs*
by imlookingatyou January 18, 2015
One of the greatest men you can ever meet funny, gorgeous, outgoing, and crazy and wild. a man with experince in overall life choices. He could make you the happiest person in the world in a relationship, but his addiction for lust could ruin everything, and maybe then after all that he will truely realize how much he cares. As a friend he will show how to have a good time and how to sweet talk the ladies. Over all he could be the best or the worst so watch out ! Adams are full of surprises.
Damn that adam is wild!
Got to love adams.

*sigh* I love that adam.
by Zahgidiwin June 10, 2012
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