Adam is a chick magnet, but he will breaks hearts at the drop of a hat. Everyone loves him and he can be very fake. He has numerous girlfriends and if he breaks up with one, will get another instantly. He is great in bed and will sleep with anyone. Adam is nice and kind and will gain anyones heart and trust, but he can be a complete asshole and insensitive at times. He will be your bestfriend one minute then kick you out of his life the next, but you'll still want him no matter what he does.
Adam broke her heart.

Adam's has another girlfriend.
by Haha_lolzer June 12, 2011
Another name for Ecstasy
hey you got that adam?
by bsmallz March 24, 2013
a pretty hipster individual, who usually denies the fact that he is in fact, hipster.
"there goes adam, wearing clothes his grandfather wore, while denying it"
by choochoooo December 11, 2013
A hot, confident, cocky, boy. Very immature. He's the type of guy that would break up with a girl over a text. Yeahhhhh, not a guy looking for a long relationship. He never gets his heart broken, always the one to break hearts. He's extremely attractive and athletic.. But likes to lie and cheat. He's the kind of guy that would be good for a one night stand, but not to marry. Great kisser.
Girl one: "Who's that sexy beast?!"

Girl two: "Oh that's Adam... I've heard he's not a good boyfriend.. But he is sure hot!"
by idatedoneiknow December 12, 2011
A boy who thinks he is a man and is in love with some one who does not approve of his skin-color.
very nice man,just a tad hard headed if you ask me .
well good day mate !

tip top cheerio!
FRIEND OF HIS: Breh she dont like you ThoE

ADAM: would ya look at that
by Maggy Wessinger November 24, 2011
An Adam is a romantic sociopath, stringing along multiple women at the same time. He pretends he's a small town boy, not too smart, but is a really a saavy master manipulator. He'll sleep with anything, anyone, anywhere. Cheats regularly. Pretends to be moral, warm and caring but has a complete lack of empathy for anyone. An Adam is a selfish prick. Has no interest in friends unless they can do something for him. An Adam believes he is perfect in everyway when, in reality, the devil wouldn't want him in hell.
Wait! You have a wife, an ex-wife, a mistress, a long distance relationship, a fuck buddy at work AND you troll dating sites for threesomes? Dude! You're such and Adam!
by No1atall November 09, 2012
The anti-christ (Anti-Ochus), someone who is bad at everything.

He should be punched in the shoulder once a day, and whenever he does something stupid.
Although every first and last wednesday of the month you should be nothing but nice to him, since he goes through so much s*** for every other day of the month.
He has ten toes and horns on his ten fingers that are not visible.
Scenario 1:
Hugh G. Dick: Hey look it's Adam!

S1L3Nt Str1K3r: No don't look into its eyes!

Scenario 2:
Adam: Hey guys!!!

Hugh G. Dick: Get away from me!

Scenario 3:
(It is the first wednesday of the month.)
Hugh G. Dick: Hey wassup Adam? You are such a pal!!
by salsaman45 November 14, 2011

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