One of the many stereotypical names for a white guy. Just like other names like Jeff, Bob, Mat, and Mike.
Bob: so what did Mike name his kid?
Jeff: well he;s white so they had to name him Adam.
by nuj dog June 09, 2010
A small mountain valley town in Western Massachusetts where 60% of the population are old reckless drivers who never made it to Florida to die, and the rest of the town consists of high school jocks that impregnated their cheerleader girl friends right out of high school and now work at Walmart for rest of their lives.
If your 25 still can't let go of your glory days as a jock in high school and have and 10 year old son then you would fit right in collecting your food stamps in adams.
by Wally Kason August 16, 2006
a very flambouyant and gay individual, who especially likes to get naked with other males.
adam and steve not adam and eve
by adams girlfriend January 22, 2010
Anal Dipping Ass Man
Watch your back... he's an ADAM.
by Adam M. Hoover July 10, 2008
Someone who is generally a complete asshole who pretends to be a nice guy or poses as a friend.
They usually take advantage of you or one of your friends claiming "love" as the reason...then say it was your idea and what you wanted.

Yeah right!

So Adam,I read your definition of me and couldn't believe it got me just as mad as it did that day.

I won't forgive you. Stop trying. You claimed that you always respected girls and would never do anything they didn't want. Guess what! I didn't want it. I can't even be with another guy without remembering how violated I felt by you.
The supposed "love" you had for me was completely in your head and 100% infatuation.
by adamisanasshole. March 08, 2009
The biggest phish phan in the world.
You are an adam because you smoke too much dope and listen to phish too much.
by Darkside 08 October 23, 2008
Adam: a term used for sucking dick. An adam is generally a male. usually a drag. he's very rude and ignorant.

half the things he has he doesnt deserve. his mood swings are like the weather. hes like a miserable old man, never happy. he gives newfies a bad name.
uses his dick and not his head. an over all achievement of... nothing. Adam's never know when to shut the fuck up. Also he would rather shove his dick into shit then be happy.
person one: thats one ugly son of a bitch. hes rude too.
person too: thats just an adam
person one: is he sucking that guys dick :O
person two: ahhhh yuuup
by karma's a bitch August 24, 2009
the gayest individual to ever wear skinny jeans and blue pants.
Talkin about faggots, look at Adam.
by evanhassmallballs March 20, 2009

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