One of the many stereotypical names for a white guy. Just like other names like Jeff, Bob, Mat, and Mike.
Bob: so what did Mike name his kid?
Jeff: well he;s white so they had to name him Adam.
by nuj dog June 09, 2010
an ugly, fat kid with a muffintop who no one likes. if you meet him, you'll wish you never had. he smells like cat piss and thinks hes super attractive but in reality, hes scum. he's a player and a douche bag.
you wanna hear a muffin joke?........... adam.
by you had it coming, muffin. July 05, 2011
an asshole who will try to get any girl he can but cant caus he has nasty teeth, a pimpley face, short stubby appendages. he is fat and short and thinks hes amazing at wrestling but hes not caus its gay and so is he with his stupid rainbow tye dye sweat shirt. he smells bad and will act nice to you at first but then will ruin your life. stay away from these "adams". if you date one then break up, he wont stop annoying you.. but if hes not short and ugly then dont worry about it (:
oh gross its adam!
by greenhilighter December 12, 2010
A boy who likes to lie.
Usually six foot or taller.
Turned down this cute little girl, for an ugly fucking slut.
lies about having sex.
makes potatoes with hot sauce.
blonde,short,curly hair.
large penis.

FUCKING ASSHOLE.. that a girl usually can't stop loving. </3
girl:I had sex with Adam.
friend:No you didn't?Adam said he wouldn't fucking touch you.
girl:Oh:'( I'm not lying.
by the heartbroken one=/ March 19, 2009
a boy that will tell you anything you want to hear, has very bad anger issues, lies about almost everything he tells you, is wayyyy bipolar, and the biggest jerk you will every meet. also he will chase you around a room until you fall and hurt yourself.
"he is being such an Adam"
by bangbangchoochootrain2 July 23, 2008
A small mountain valley town in Western Massachusetts where 60% of the population are old reckless drivers who never made it to Florida to die, and the rest of the town consists of high school jocks that impregnated their cheerleader girl friends right out of high school and now work at Walmart for rest of their lives.
If your 25 still can't let go of your glory days as a jock in high school and have and 10 year old son then you would fit right in collecting your food stamps in adams.
by Wally Kason August 16, 2006
likes butt rape with his pp get's it passed from Dino and Sean.
Adam will step in all the spot where the light is shown and butt rape you.
by slaverapeforherpleasureforhim March 03, 2010
a very flambouyant and gay individual, who especially likes to get naked with other males.
adam and steve not adam and eve
by adams girlfriend January 22, 2010

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