he did kate beckinsale thats all that matters
dude adam sandler does kate beckinsale in click, its awesome
by ben_dover August 12, 2006
Top Definition
Former SNL star, funny movie maker/actor. Usually known for stupid comedies but nevertheless... very hilarious movies.
Dude, happy gilmore owned but mr. deeds kinda sucked, but hey, 50 first dates owned and so did billy madison, big daddy, little knicky, punch drunk love, the waterboy and the wedding singer!
by Oz January 04, 2005
A great actor. Although it seems like he has spent his entire career bring people laughter and joy, it seems as if some pricks on this website would rather just critisize him because they have nothing better to do other than take out there frustrations on Hollywood.

The bottom line is Adam Sandler has redefined comedy for us all, and I have never disliked a single one of his movies.
"Shampoo is betta. I go on first and CLEAN the hair."

"Conditioner is betta! I leave the hair silky AND smooth."

"Oh really, fool?!"


- Billy Madison/An Adam Sandler classic
by captain luge July 09, 2006
An actor and comedian who is very funny to people with short attention spans. Starred in two of the worst movies of recent time, "Jack and Jill "and "That's my Boy."
Me- "Well Fucking idiot #1, I did. And it was fucking stupid."
by jmann578 September 24, 2013
A very funny guy, who used to work for SNL.

His movies include, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, The WaterBoy, Mr. Deeds, Anger Management, 50 First Dates, The Longest Yard, Click, and many more.

My favorite one is 50 First Dates!
Adam Sandler is so cool.
by metallkidd93 February 23, 2008
The funniest man alive. Movies include Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Click, Big Daddy, The Wedding Singer, etc.
Guy: Dude, did you see Big Daddy yesterday?

Other guy: Yeah! It's funny when Adam Sandler teaches the kid to piss and buildings and wipe his own ass!
by DarkNite1111 June 30, 2010
A very funny comedian in very typical movies.
John: Hey Tom, did you know they're making a new Adam Sandler movie?

Tom: Really? What's it about?

John: First, he's a wedding singer, who totally sucks, so he decides to be a drummer for a heavy metal band with Brendan Fraser. Then they do pretty much everything to be heard, so they hold a radio station hostage and spite of everything they did, they still become famous! Thats not all,
afterwards he decides to be a water boy for a football team, and then he is recruited to the football team and he does pretty well until he decides to play hockey instead! Things start going wrong and he is fired. Also his grandma's house is being held for auction, so he plays golf to buy the house back. Later on, he somehow has to take care of a kid and becomes a pretty bad parent. Afterwards, he is sent to anger management therapy with a very kooky psychiatrist. After all this was all a setup. On christmas he goes to a chinese restaurant (because he's jewish) and he gets drunk and then gets arrested and sentenced to community service coaching a basketball team. Later that night, his t.v remote brakes, so he goes to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy a new remote. Little did he know, the remote could control his life. And later on he abuses it's features, now he's screwed. After all Christopher Walken feels pretty sorry for him and takes him back to his normal life with his hot wife and they live happily ever after.

Tom: Sounds just like his last movie!
by Mike_Litoris July 29, 2011
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