Popularized by Berkely Breathed's disturbing cartoon character "Bill the Cat" of Bloom County fame (later became Outland). It is the product of the random misfirings of a braindead individual who wants to say something intelligent but seems completely devoid of any grey matter. It is frequently followed immediately by the word "thptptpt", which is produced by flatulations of either the lips or some other sphincter.

You may also hear this exclamation muttered by hung-over frat-brothers when they first wake up.

You might also hear this word from time to time in an overcrowded senior retirement center, with nobody noticing it is even being said.
"Ack! Thptptp! Ohhh man! groan, groan

...what am I doing here, and why am I wearing this inflatable duck?"
by Val Patrick December 24, 2004
Top Definition
a human onomatopoeic(sound)word to describe frustration or disgust.
"ACK!!! I have work today, It's going to be a bitch!"
by Emily Winters January 05, 2005
In the TCP protocol, the receiving computer sends an ACK (acknowledgment) to the sending computer. This is basically how a coonection is established.
Sender sends 3 packets, Receiver receives 3 packets and sends "ACK 4" (meaning it received what was sent, and it's ok to send the next number or packet)
by Obi-Wan December 09, 2003
airport call letters for Nantucket Memorial Airport.

Common abreviation for anything Nantucket.
Ack Attack - Have to get to Nantucket for vacation
by Chris ACK June 07, 2005
Nerdspeak for "yes" or "I hear you"
Usu. used on IM by programmers
"Is the latest patch on the source server?"
by mistervague November 08, 2003
ACK is the call letters for Nantucket Airport, and thus ACK = Nantucket.
What does that "ACK" euro sticker mean? Nantucket.
by Fuzzwuzzy March 10, 2005
The call letters for Nantucket Airport.

SON: Wow what do all those "ACK" bumper stickers mean?

DAD: Well son they are the call letters for Nantucket airport.

SON: Gee whiz dad! I wish I could be from Nantucket....

DAD: Don't we all son, don't we all- *sigh*
by Chain_Me_Free December 07, 2004
the airport call signal for you know, JFK or LAX
Tourist: "excuse me, what does ACK stand for?"
Exasperated Native: "It's the god damn call signal for the airport!"
by ooer May 21, 2005
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