The sound you make when you get your colon rammed by a one eyed snake.
Snape: Bend over, Malfoy
Draco: ACK!!!!
by AAAACCCCKKKK July 27, 2007
A word in which one can describe extreme to mild frustration or anger to someone or something. (Mostly used in AIM or other instant messenger conversations).
Bob: Napoleon Dynamite is sold out and is too expensive to buy!

Jake; Ack!
by Mr. X December 27, 2004
a bad ack, the opposite of a good crack. Can be used to describe something that is particularly substandard or to denote boredom and/or disinterest
"Do you like that new Starsailor Track?" - "Nah it's Ack"


"Alright mate how's it going?" - "Not too good pal, the manager at work says that tar..." - "ACK!"
by Huge Ackman September 16, 2003
1. variation of "act"

2. get crunk
"He ackin up again!"
by 1111 August 21, 2006
A short way to say the car name, "Acura".
Honey passed your car by and jumped in my Ack, cause I'm a playa!
by D. Arse December 03, 2005
- amazingly cool kid
- a club founded by amanda
"your such an ack!!"
by brittany January 06, 2005

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