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the act of vomiting into a girl's vagina before having sex with her. doing Acid Rain usually results in Hydrochloric Penis (burns on the penis from Hydrochloric acid, or better known as stomach acid).
Man, that Acid Rain last night was amazing, but now i have a bad case of hydrochloric penis
by The Goatress November 18, 2010
What planet did this kid come from? He's so fucking leet no one can touch him.
by Anonymous February 28, 2003
The Energy Drink mixed with Jaegermeister and a hit of Acid.
Dude that Acid Rain will fuck your shit up
by T-P-L July 03, 2009
Melting a fudgsicle in a girl's anus, and then sucking it back out.
Girl, you shoulda seen it! I had goosebumps all over... AC gave me the acid rain last night!
by poochikins March 02, 2011
The act of eating a large asparagus meal and promptly pissing in a bitches mouth.
"I was curious why crazy joe grew asparagus, i found out later that night when he gave me acid rain."
by skeetmod valentine July 13, 2008
Taking a shit after eating too much curry. (as per Dr. Ruth)
Man, dat Indian food was delicious but I was having acid rain episodes all night.
by The Rising Pylon November 27, 2007
the act of expelling gas (farting), then urinating on them. Similar to real acid rain caused by rain passing through hazardous pollutants in the air (smog)
I know you're into golden showers, but how about some acid rain instead?
by akhkhazu February 21, 2009
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