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Micheal Balzary, more commonly known as Flea, has proven time and time again that his bass guitar skills are beyond that of which many musician could ever hope to achieve. Flea is an complete dynamo, and gives RHCP a totally different feel from any other band. Flea was born in Australia, but moved to the US where he met co-founder of RHCP, Anthony Kiedis. Together they formed a band that has no competition when it comes to originality and skill. Flea also plays the trumpet at an extraordinary level. He is an amazing man. That is why I love him.
Flea breaks out his trumpet and bass skills at Hyde Park, that crazy little man rocks my world.
by redhotchilipeppers March 19, 2006
Possibly one of the most mediocre rock and roll bands in the history of music. While most people who wrote a definition about them consider them to be 'the best band there ever was', popular opinion has once again proven itself to be obsolete...everyone loved Hitler at first, right? But then they all came to their senses. There will come a day when any fans of ACDC will be kicking themselves for their wasted years idolizing them.
ACDC are as boring and annoying as heck.
by redhotchilipeppers March 19, 2006
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