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Short for acceleration, speeding up.
You need to accel around the corner to win the race.
by 5'11"Racer September 28, 2006
A haem who plays counter stike 1.6 and needs to get a job!
accel- is a right haem
by Razz April 02, 2004
A homo-sexual who likes spiny tom-cat cock rammed into his obese figure as he howls his love of Command and conquer 2 : yuri's revenge into the ever blowing winds of Goatse, his mum is also known as Tubgirl.
by Accel hater 3 May 10, 2005
well renowned cs player who quite amazingly can impress spectators not just with his skill, but his constant sexy appearence and signature spiky hair
<accel> oi omgomg | 23:41 <accel> bus driver said to me | 23:42 <accel> "hey i like ur hair, dun worry bout paying"
by sok June 01, 2003
someone who loves being cocked in the ass by a hairy man-woman
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
someone who likes to suck cock
johnny sucking carlos cock
by Anonymous March 10, 2003