In "Sex and the City, this is the defining phrase in Big's Character. This is also his last word to Kerry on the last episode, with the exception of his call to her that reveals his real name.
Kerry: Would you like to come up?
Big: Absofuckinlutely!
by Ashpuff March 09, 2005
Top Definition
Confirming that a factual chunk of information is undeniably, and indisputably true.
Did your dog pee on my lawn Joe? Absofuckinlutley!
by Batman November 09, 2001
A variation of absolutely, typically expressing extreme excitement or disgust.
Bro 1: And what, pray tell, is so bad about a7x?

Bro 2: The fact that they are a7x. C'mon, bro they are absofuckinlutely terrible.
by gogobrofist October 28, 2010
A without a doubt affirmative.
So you think I should have stood my ground?


Want to go to the game?


Would you sleep with that girl/guy?

by Loui2012 February 15, 2012

1. an absolute (either negative or positive depending on context).

an answer to a question (do you want to have sex?)
i did absofuckinlutely nothing this weekend,
by yogi bear ivan September 29, 2012
currently the only word in existence that ensures the human saying it is going to achieve or attempt something, it also shows a worry or anxiety on what they are about to embark on
hey darek wanna go fight 20 guys we dont know? what just us 2 ? well drunk enough common. All right all right but im fucking your sister tmrow jus so you know, and shes prolly gonna have to lick my black eye. well man, as long as im drunk then so? we kickin ass or what? ....absofuckinlutely
by PolishSniper April 10, 2008
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