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The gunk that collects at the bottom of a refrigerator after years of not cleaning it.

Any gunk that you can't really describe and you don't know what was used to make it or where it came from.

The remnants of lint from underwear in your butt crack.
I have to go clean the scabage out of my refrigerator.

I have to remove the scabage from between my toes.

What is that scabage hanging from your nose!

Ever seen scabage like this?
by Loui2012 February 15, 2012
Someone posting a definition for the first time to urban dictionary.
I was an urbanvirgin when I created the word Sirinym.
by Loui2012 February 15, 2012
A without a doubt affirmative.
So you think I should have stood my ground?


Want to go to the game?


Would you sleep with that girl/guy?

by Loui2012 February 15, 2012
What you tell apple's Siri to call you.
What's your Sirinym?

Try this:
You: Siri, call me super sexy demigod.
Siri: Ok I'll call you super sexy demigod, ok?

Your Sirinym is now "super sexy demigod"
by Loui2012 February 15, 2012
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