The sort of tragic young homosexual scene-queen that is obsessed with the faux-distressed clothing they purchase at the AF stores
"Oh God those Abrezombies, I don't want to be them!"
by Carlos Ramirez April 18, 2005
Top Definition
Young men and women or old gay men past 40 years old who in an effort to feel good cool or feel young resort to wearing layer upon layer of tired ass abercrombie clothing.
Don't look now but here comes an aberzombie
by Mike Jeffries March 20, 2004
a person who dresses as if they are a walking mannequin for Abercrombie & Fitch. Known as mostly white males, who travel in packs of 3 or more, who act all cool, talk about girls loudly while walking through the mall, and act more masculine than what they really are.

"I can't stand that guy, he's such an aberzombie."

Also "aberzombied": some young hottie (who just happens to look like he's from an A&F catalog) passes by you and when he smiles and says "hi" to you while passing... it puts you in a trance: you feel "aberzombied".
by Patrick Patterson August 12, 2006
A person who habitually shop at Abercrombie & Fitch; this usually starts at a young age and develops to where 90% of the person’s wardrobe comes from Abercrombie & Fitch, the other 10% coming from Hollister.
unaffected girl 1: hey look at that girl she’s completely decked out in Abercrombie clothes.

unaffected girl 2: I know she like an Aberzombie.
by La Vec November 16, 2007
Anyone that is trying really hard to look cool by wearing certain clothing or acting a certain way, but just can't pull it off. Everyone knows they're not cool except for themselves.
What's up with the fucking amberzombie crowd at this club?

My kid brother used to be an amberzombie but now he has grown out of it and is the shit.

Some people dig amberzombies and thus by default they're amberzombies themselves.
by mindmatter May 27, 2005
Noun A Person(s) whom is obsessed with the modern American clothing company Abercrombie &Fitch.

*Note, stay clear of these people should there ever be a sale at an A&F store...they will steal your life.
I saw Sara the other day, she was dressed head to toe in Abercrombie...and said she was on her way to go get a new shirt they had...

She's just like all the rest, man. She's an aberzombie!
by Anders Bergetsii February 10, 2008
Nominally a human being, the Aberzombie is easily identifiable by large advertisements worn on its chest and buttox. It tends to come from wealthy stock, drives an SUV and mates exclusively with other Aberzombies. The musical taste of the Aberzombie is limited to bands like Dave Matthews and O.A.R. Its SUV is typically emblazoned with a sticker reading "DMB" so as to communicate its bland taste in music to potential mates. The Aberzombie is not without its natural enemies, however. Most prominent among them are independent thought and a sense of style. The Aberzombie will go to great lengths not to face such horrific ideas, most often by associating only with fellow Aberzombies. In the rare case that it is exposed to outside ideas/free thought, it will utilize its only defense mechanism: complaining that others are envious and simply cannot afford Abercrombie clothing.
Kid Plasterd with Abercrombie clothing:"Hey! Whats up?"Kid:(Mummbles to slef)"Aberzombie..."
by RoboChick May 10, 2009
People who suck ass, are addicted to abercrombie clothing, and are complete shit heads and only have relationships wit ppl in their clique.
"Hey look at that group of Aberzombies"
by THELEETESTKID March 23, 2005
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