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Adult Baby Diaper Lover. A fetish
We cought him half naked in a crib with a pacifier in his mouth. Who knew he was an ABDL?
by twobitsteak July 12, 2005
Fetish were ADULTS:
1. Act like babies and wear diapers

2. They just wear diapers

Has NOTHING AT ALL to do with actual babies or children
Awwww, look at that ABDL, she is very cute!
by That Guy Geoff April 12, 2009
Adult Baby / Diaper Lover. A fetish among some adults who role-play as a baby wearing diapers. The degree of the fetish may extend anywhere from wearing diapers to wetting, and being seen/exposed in them.
Ron was known among the ABDL Community as an avid participator.
by Berean01 May 01, 2016
(Stands for "Adult Baby/ Diaper Lover) A fetish where people wear adult diapers (and piss and shit in them), suck on pacifiers, get spoonfed, crawl around and act like a baby for fun. It's pretty normal.
Person 1 sleeping on the floor sucking on a pacifier
Person 1: *turns over, blanket falls off, revealing a man-sized diaper with a brown streak down the middle.
Person 2: Holy shit! You're an ABDL!
via giphy
by BigBabyBoris July 23, 2016
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