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abbo, black aussi fella who wants a dolla m8
1. abbo: hey man u got a dolla?
u:what 4?
abbo:the bus man
u:i got a bus ticket?
abbo: cant buy boose/petrol with a bus ticket

2. oi you abbo cunt you stole my bicycle!

3. where is thay jerry can with the
nipple on top dougy's thirstin

4. scuse my bro but ar... ur on my land

5. abbo: hey buddy did you want to die?
me: nah not really
abbo: then dont speak on the fone in
the petrol station.
me: if you wanna stay alive stop drinkin this shit! *points to unleaded*
by half.... you knoe the rest April 09, 2004
ROT13 encoding of noob.
I totally pwned that abbo!
by segfault82 January 06, 2010
A native australian
by bigrattus June 06, 2003
short for aboriginal
nelson pak is an abbo a big buff one
by aaroona August 10, 2009
Slang/ derogatory terms for the native, indigenous peoples of Australia.

What "American Indians" are to America, or what "Maori" people are to New Zealand.

Joins, the list of derogatory terms for ethnic peoples: nigger - Black American, hori- Maori, Coon/bunga/coconut - Pacific Islander, gook - Asian, Spic - Latino, Abbo - Indigenous Australian.

Abbreviation of Aborigine.

A very neglected peoples, by Australias generally racist society, and government.

Generally live in slums and are caught in the poverty cycle. Generally suffer from low education levels, poor health and living conditions, high unemployemt, young death rates, high suicide rates, etc.
" Stupid Abbo's... if they start cleaning their childrens faces, we'll think about giving them funding for schooling"
by Miss Sham aka Sass February 12, 2005
A very disrespectful slang term for an indigenous Australian.
Not ever used in polite conversation.
"I went to the mall and got humbugged by some drunken abbo."
by Zain July 06, 2003
an abbo is a vey unpleasent person who sells pants and gives out asbo's
you crazy mother fu'kin' abbo
by MrW January 01, 2005
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