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a west midlands slang term of endearment
hello babba, what did you do over the weekend?
by Hanaxx September 26, 2005
Arabic for "father" or "daddy"
I love you, Babba!
by Kirsten February 05, 2004
Northern English term for poo. Noun, but also can be used as an adjective
"What a heap of babba"
"Look at her babbery bumhole"
by Ahriman May 26, 2003
a babba is an ickle person that will always need looking after and plenty of hugs, they are cute and funny and love to be with other people, the best thing is when you hold your babba in your arms and they just squeek and giggle and have a big smile on their face
heheh what a beautiful babba
by stubear December 07, 2011
(Noun or Adjective)
a young follower (someone who doesn't know how to independent or imitates) or little neffs
Situation: little kid tryna act like a G
Reaction: look at that babba boy
by jamrock1020 November 29, 2009
1. a small child or infant.
2. something small
2. adjective describing someone who is acting like a child
1. look at the little babbas in the nursury
2. You got ripped off if you paid $6 for that one babbas cup of ice cream
3. dude stop being such a babbas, its just a little bit of up-chuck
by Hunter Dufrance December 14, 2005
to go and make poo-poo
I'm off to the bog to have a babba
by SteveMick Pete December 04, 2005
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