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The middle person in a eiffel tower or pig roast.
Last night Jenny was the abar in our Eiffel Tower.
by danns August 25, 2008
Replacement for the word 'about', used in Liverpool and surrounding areas.
Got footy in abar an hour.
by ScouseImmigrant September 08, 2012
A place you go with friends to keep drinking after bar close. See after bar
What are you up to after this? A-bar?

by Clis-Daddy April 10, 2008
A term for "After Bar." After Bars refer to the after-party or night-cap regularly had and/or drunk after the community establishments have closed their doors for the night. This type of an event is generally reserved for a)cool kids b)drunks and c)people who are entirely too intoxicated to hook up but have dreams of doing so.
As the coolest drunk I know that's always on the prowl post 2am, I am amazed you do not know what an A-bar is.
by snatchypants January 11, 2011
Noun ~ Slang(UK) ~ 9 ounces of weed. aslo known as 'a nines'.
'I heard old billy bait head got done by the old bill with a bar on him. they might bang him up for it this time'
by HerbHermit May 21, 2007

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