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to have the feeling of geting raped by donkey kong with out lube, or to feel unsatisfied in a random death.
like if god chimes in to say *headshot* and you drop to the ground , you can feel free to say fucking -A- i just got aped.
by no name given March 03, 2005
Consensual prison sex.
Willie's mangina was aped in prison for a pack of cigarettes. His arse was caulked and hopefully he will not need an anal retread.
#rim #mangina #prison punk #caulked #anal retread #ass licker
by siciliansal69 October 23, 2013
Too be beaten to death so bad, that nothing but blood and fecal matter are left.
Guy1 "OMG that guy got beaten to death so bad there's nothing left but blood and fecal matter left"

Guy 2 " Yeh man, he got Aped baaaad."
#aped #blood #fecal #matter #gay #mick #lunn #apes #people
by Lunnyyy July 27, 2008
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