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The city in Southeaster Michigan formally known as Ann Arbor. The University of Michigan is located there.
I liked A2 better when it was just white people.
by sterlingheights April 24, 2005
253 49
Ann Arbor, Michigan

A Squared
U of M is in A2 (Ann Arbor)
by mgoullee June 22, 2005
72 50
just another way to say Ann Arbor, the home of the Michigan Wolverines.
You heading up to A2 sometime?
by Doc February 15, 2005
65 54
1.Verb.to quickly cut somebody really big down to size in a spectacularly public and disloyal way.
Disrespectful verbal missile.
After 'Et tu Brutus' a famous line from Julius Caesar by Shakespeare.
2.Adjective. A paper size = 4 x A4s.
A much bigger but proportionate version of an A4 sheet.
'She really A2ed the boss at the staff meeting.'
'I can't wait to A2 that conceited fecker.
'He was A2ed in the tabloids'

by dammgram November 23, 2008
4 12