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a word to lol at. one of the most unfortunate names for a male child. people named peter go through life as the butt of many jokes since peter = penis.

a word thats used in place of the word "prick", more enviormentally and kid friendly word to use.
hmmmm if i go and lick peter, does that mean i just gave him a blow job? wow thats one giant peter! to bad your peter isnt as big as you, eh peter?

hahahhahahah, your mom is dead. i killed her in bed last night!! wow stop being such a peter
by rofltittytastic July 08, 2009
a phrase describing a person that is physically or mentally outcasted from society due to an undeseriable trait/flaw in looks, intelligence, or personality, usually manifesting their hatred and low self esteem by combating all rebuttles from society using the trite and over used word "care"

someone who recieves in bed.
wow look at that downie over there, he looks as bad as he smells. care? wow your such a dylan

wow, i was a dylan last night in bed when we engaged in rough butt sex.
by rofltittytastic July 08, 2009
if your a sean, you know your drugs better than you know yourself. the kind of guy that you would buy angel dust off of and think it was safe, due to his overecstatic and nonchalant attitude towards life. dont party with this kind of guy though unless your ready to go hard, because hell have you rollin, smokin, shootin up, and drinkin all at the same time. prepare to get fucked up.
wow i went to a party with this guy that popped 13 ex last night. he was totally a sean.
by rofltittytastic July 09, 2009
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