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The feeling of being both sleepy and aroused (horny).
Melissa: I'm feeling horny, but I also need to catch some Zzz.
Sam: So you're feeling zorny, how is that even possible?
by DeafZebra January 29, 2014
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Jim Zorn, the head coach of the Washington Redskins, as seen on T-shirts made available when the fan base thought he was doing a great job as coach.
"What a great play call....I am so horny for Zorny."
by Glencastle November 02, 2009
lazy but excited

its a verb

made by jamin

inspired by the word horny

zorny: I am feeling so zorny

Your zorny!

Jamin: I feel so zorny!

Eugenie: WTF

Jamin: Zorny means lazy but excited!
by JOHNNY585 October 07, 2007
a five year old's way of saying they are horny because a certain gentleman by the name of ninja has told him to say it to a raccoon. and of coarse i don't mean a real raccoon she's a person.
David said he's "zorny".
by shawty royal July 10, 2008

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