A derogatory term used for referencing any Brigham Young University sports team fan. The term can also extend to refer to a current or past student of BYU. Zoob is the shortened form of the word zoobie.
Did you see that Zoob cry after the University of Utah beat them for the 4th straight year?
by JoeyJoeJoeJuniorShabadoo August 13, 2006
Top Definition
ZooB - any arrangement of anything, anything and everything. Everything is an aspect of the ZooBiverse, even in Unzoob there is ZooB. ZooB is all and all is ZooB.
ZooB serves any function of any other word e.g. Good to see you becomes Zoob to see you or ZooBy to see you, this cake is delicious becomes: this cake is ZooBlicious or
this ZooB is ZooBlicious...
by Psionikman February 05, 2010
The word ZOOBS refers to "zebrafish boobs". It describes zebrafish laboratory fish that have been genetically manipulated or transplanted with breast epithelium xenotransplant. Scientists create ZOOBS to study the genetic pathways underlying breast cancer using zebrafish (zebrafish is a great genetic model for science, but they are not mammals and therefore, they do not have boobs).
By extension, FOOBS refers to any fish modified for the same research purposes.
The term ZOOBS was initially defined by a bunch of talented young scientists from the Rosenblatt's lab at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah.
I just made a new kind of ZOOBS by introducing an Estrogen controlled transgene in a clutch of Casper zebrafish.

I wish my ZOOBS help cure cancer.
by Jimmypec November 29, 2009
zebrafish boobs
Check out the ZOOBS on that rack!
by Jimmypec November 30, 2009
The coolest Mentor on b.net.
"Did you see Zoob's new thread? What a guy!"
by bungif December 04, 2014
Like zont, as in dattlezont. A drooling spool of spittle.
When my friend was down the drainage shaft, I took the opportunity to let out a great zoob that got him on the back of the neck and ran tricklishly down his back. Shortly afterwards he emerged from the shaft claiming the zoob stank and it was me who was running while he buzzed stones whirrsomely in pursuit.
by Mr Thick & Thin & Thinly Thick December 24, 2012
The penis of a dog, especially that of a large breed.
The Rottweiler sprawled on the lawn, sated with fresh hamburger and nonchalently licking his zoob, while the burglar edged toward the open window.
by Timotheus357 June 13, 2007
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