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Estrogen....simply God's curse on man
Recently dumped kid: I just don't get it man...why would she dump me, kick me in the balls, then make out with my best friend on my front lawn?

Wise friend: Estrogen.
by connman August 06, 2006
Estrogens (alternative spellings: oestrogens or œstrogens) are a group of steroid compounds, named for their importance in the estrous cycle, and functioning as the primary female sex hormone. They are used to generally describe womenly hormones.

The counterpart for this is testosterone.
The battle of the sexes is a game that challenges the levels of testosterone vs. estrogen to see which group is the better.
by amachi60593 February 02, 2008
Term used when describing or pertaining to a group of 2 or more females. Usually used with the intent to hook-up with said females.
The boys were tired of playing video games together and decided to find some estrogen.
by tyler lebens September 02, 2007
An endearing way for a man to define his female friends.
What is up, my estrogen?
by suckafreebighead September 08, 2005
You can define it as xultimax
A homosexual man will have higher tidbits of estrogen, such as Xultimax.
by Darknessfate February 07, 2004

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