A girl that you think is "infected" with a STD. If you "touch" her, you become a zombie as well. Can apply to males as well.
I would hit that, but she's a zombie.
by Fergus61 November 07, 2010
A person who J-walks in the night. Usually durring Sundance.
I almost hit one of those fucking zombies, fuckin tourists.
by Peter A. Raquat December 17, 2009
Something that eats you in your sleep, man.
Zombie get away ass-whole!
by Dude40AssWhole January 29, 2009
(noun) Anyone who eats flesh or meat; as opposed to a vegetarian.
"I'm a vegetarian, not a zombie! No way am I eating at that steak house..."
by Akvavit December 11, 2008
An individual who has a very attractive body but a face that would make medusa turn to stone. So called because the only way of dealing with a zombie is to remove the head.
Marvin: Darren, meet my friend Jill.

Darren: my god! what a zombie!

(Jill runs away sobbing)
by Randal Leadbelcher September 19, 2007
DJ Dre (Andry) on Ice radio. a species of zombie that does not sleep, and if it decides to sit in the same place; let it be only for 1 hour and start at 5 AM. Losrrr
Person: Hey Andry when do you go to sleep!?
Andry: well i go to sleep at 5, but i'll be up before 7.
Person; J00 Zombie!!!!
by 7l-lF\ l>/-\/\/l)3/\/\1( August 23, 2008
While engaged in sexual congress from the piercing tiger position, the gentleman extricates his member before climax and expectorates on the woman's posterior. Upon believing his work to be done, she turns around, at which point he ejaculates into her eyes, causing her to stagger around like a zombie, a la George A. Romero.
Upon arriving at the emergency room, Sally was quite embarassed to explain that her torn ligament resulted from being on the receiving end of the Zombie and then tripping over a footstool.
by Icy Mike February 07, 2005
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