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Abbreviation for "Zionazi"- used to describe uppity Zionists who refuse to relinquish the right of the Jewish people to self-determination in their ancient homeland. Generally considered a racist and offensive term. Often used as a substitute for "kike"
Why are those Zizi's opposed our university resolution to eliminate Israel?

Did you see those Zizi's carrying Israeli flags? How racist!

"Those zizis do nothing but oppress us poor downtrodden brown people," claimed the president of Students for Just Us in Palestine.
by Rum raisin October 19, 2013
A girl who has everything, but just enough of it. She's a dark mysterious chick but with the looks and brains of a popular girl. She literally has EVERYTHING.
Dude 1: Hi I'm Dominic, are you Zizi?
Zizi: Yes
Dude 1: Wow, you have everything, Marry Me?
by JellyBeansarecool January 17, 2010

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