an officer in the military, usually of junior rank, and not very experienced or valuable.
I walked past a group of zeroes on base today and forgot to salute.
by danw December 22, 2003
A man one usually does his best to avoid crossing. Closely related to another one of his kind, The Infamous Franky.
"You fucked with Zero? We're going to die man!"
by Dogs Of War January 18, 2013
Zero is when you don't want to be on bad terms with someone, but you don't want to be their friend. You're neutral; acquaintances. The scale measures from 10 to -10, 10 being good friends, -10 being enemies/hate each other's guts.
Mina is so annoying. Autumn doesn't want to be friends with her, but she doesn't want to be mean. She just wants to be zero.
by Hanamini May 01, 2009
someone who is dark, mysterious, and sexy. a girl or guy that everyone wants.
"that girl is such a zero, she makes my pants grow"
by boogaboogabitch June 17, 2007
Highest rating for a girl while using a reverse-rating system. Equivalent to a perfect 10.
Person 1: Hey do you see that girl that just walked by?
Person 2: What the hell, that's my cousin.
Person 3: Oh yeah. She's a zero.
Person 2: WTF is your problem.
by gggglol March 09, 2009
v. in a multi-player gaming environment, to cause another player's score to drop to zero, thus removing him from the game or the round.
Hey, Hitman! U wanna zero Flame?
by Frank Booth January 01, 2005
The mathematical value between positive and negative values.
Zero add one equals one.
by Jammy4312 August 08, 2011
the concept of zero can be explained by the abscence of a number
3-2-1... zero?
by March 21, 2010

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