Zero is my evil darker half, he wants to destroy the world... I built him his very own cyber body and he started to forget about his plans for destorying the world, but Scoot hated Zero so he locked up Zero underground in a EMP room so he could never be freed, but after i tried my hardest to rescue him... it seemed like all was lost, then something happend... me and Zero were connected once again and Zero's cyber body reacted to our link, a dark orb formed around his body and soon after the orb was formed... it merged with his cyber body and he was reborn or reawakend with a massive amount of power, with hes new organic body Zero was able to escape the prison and come live a normal life with me.
But then a evil force had come to use Zero in there evil plans, at first Zero was under there control but soon came to his sense and destoyed the evil force and dissappear in a big final battle with the leader of the evil force.
currently his whereabouts are unknown...
Zero is out there... somewhere
by Zero Sora November 19, 2005
Top Definition
1. The number 0, nothing.

2. The name of a Japanese Kamikaze Aeroplane.

3.One of the cool names people love to use.

4.Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations

5.Zoning and Emotional Range Omitted (anime)

6.Name of an A-class (now S) Maverick Hunter and X's best friend in the Megaman/Rockman X series. He also features in his own series, Megaman Zero. He have several names given by the fans such as the Crimson Devil, Captain Kamikaze and Zero Omega. He is also the last Wilybot (robots constructed by Dr.Wily) and he's the original carrier of the Maverick Virus.
He's famous for his long, long, loooong blond hair, red armour and his sabre. Earlier on, he's famous for his devil-may-care attitude and rather reckless style. Now he's cool and clear-headed, particularly after Iris died.
Living up to his name, in the first X game he self-destructed to save X's life from Vile. He came back in the second game, and sacrificed himself AGAIN in the fifth. But he still came back in the next instalment.
In the Zero series which is set after 100 years of the X series, he's the main hero, helping the rebels to fight against an anarchy rule. Only time will tell to reveal if he's the true Zero...or not.
However, without doubt, Inafune the creator os Zero obviously shows he loves Zero more...*sob*
With a swipe, every enemy fell around Zero to his glowing green sabre.
by Yin Lung Huang January 09, 2005
Equal to the amount of fucks I give.
Zero is how much I care about you.
by One And Only Meli November 21, 2014
Something not to divide by.
by Lucio Soph October 23, 2010
The greatest person alive.
Damn Zero is badass. I want to be him.
by Ben December 01, 2003
The final creation of Dr.Wily,
carrier of the Sigma Virus.
Successfully defeated Megaman,
Bass,Protoman,Rush,and the others
singal handedly before losing control
and destroying Wr.Wily,his robots and every else in his way.
Megaman X.
by Pheobe May 01, 2004
the numbers from 0 to 9, esp. the first decade of a century or of a person's life. (i.e. the years 2000 through 2009.)
Rap music was good in the early zeroes, but had deteriorated by the end of the decade.
by OsirusR July 14, 2009

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