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The final creation of Dr.Wily,
carrier of the Sigma Virus.
Successfully defeated Megaman,
Bass,Protoman,Rush,and the others
singal handedly before losing control
and destroying Wr.Wily,his robots and every else in his way.
Megaman X.
by Pheobe May 01, 2004
An excellent, well thought out, highly educational childrens and young persons show with a well rounded view of life, the world and everything. See also Tiffani-Faye
Hoob Hoobajoob groove, 3paw loves the hoobtastic schedules of the inspirational Channel 4 geniuses, like the well respected Tiffy and the well hung 3paw
by Pheobe December 05, 2003
to breed
during shmogel he touched her xygick
by pheobe October 01, 2003
a word meaning Krazie and Drunk. it is a word used at parties to bring em out and to have fun.
"Let's get this thing Krunk"
by Pheobe January 03, 2005

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