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1.(n or adj.) A common mispelling of Xenophobic, which is the fear of foreigner(s).

Texter 1: Hey dude, wanna go hang out with Muhammed at the ice rink?

Texter 2: No way, that guy gives me the creeps 'cause I'm zenophobic.

Texter 1: Don't you mean Xenophobic?

Texter 2: Oh yeah. Whatever.
by Colin E. July 05, 2006
Being in a state of zenophobia or the fear of Zen. Those who are constantly zenophobic are called Zenophobes.

The opposite is Zenophilic which is a state of love for Zen. Those who are enlightened and follow Zen are called Zennists

Make your choice, are you zenophobic or zenophilic.
by Zenophobe November 23, 2005
the state of being that encapsulates the utter hatred of all foreiners
im not Zenophobic i just dont like foreiners!!!!
by communicator June 05, 2006

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