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An amazing person who is always the life of the party. Someone who's enthusiasm and love for life is epic and infectious. It is also associated with outward and inward beauty, that is coveted by those around them.
I wish I could be more Zeinab.
by FF2010 February 05, 2010
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Zeinab means a "blossoming flower". She is usally a very smart person. Zeinab is also really drop dead gorgeous. She is loved by many. Never Hated. Really fun party girl. Owns the best smile alive. Very athletic with the ablitly to do anything.
"Dam, look at Zeinab smiling and looking gorgeous."
by Bezzzy. February 02, 2013
Someone who is short
midget zeinab
by mikey23 June 18, 2011
A girl who is ready to fuck anybody for money. Referred to as a slut.
But beautiful
she is a zeinab
by Zamber October 10, 2014

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