1. The way a Japanese person would say "the"

2. The American name for the letter Z (compare with "zed" elsewhere)
1. A Japanese person would probably say "The bus is going to Vermont" as "Zee boss eez going to Bahmont", as Japanese does not have the 'i' sound in fish, the the 'th' sounds in then or thin, the 'er' sound in 'first', or the 'v' sound in 'vitamin'.

2. Ay, bee, cee, dee, ee, eff, gee, aych, eye, jay, kay, ell, emm, enn, oh, pee, kyew, are, ess, tee, you, vee, double-you, ex, why, zee
by ZJayZ January 30, 2005
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1.n God, or one who is like a god in a certain way. Somewhat like the Zee from the N Room.
"Holy fucking shit zee pwnz" "Yeah man I know zee kicks my ass =("
by Zee March 19, 2005
dazzling looks and influential personality
he's so totally zee!
by cow January 27, 2005
The way fake germans in bad american-made war movies pronounce "the".
Fake german officer: "I will take you to zee conzentraizion camp!"
by Corpsegatherer August 27, 2003
i'm gonna catch some zees i.e. i,m going to get some sleep
by sorgarth May 29, 2005
Zee is my best friend. I doubt I even had a best friend before her.
She knows almost every thing about me.

I thank God for her, I thank God she came along. Maybe one day she won't be in my life anymore, but I'll always be thankful she was.
- nounounounounounou
- ik
- lo3l
- tasic
- Zee loves me, and I love her
- yass
- hehes are weird
by idontwannasaywhatyouneed January 05, 2014
The ability to see something so clearly that it reflect the undisputable truth, a total body experience combining all the senses at one.You see it, you understand it you feel it.It's the truth.
I zeen you flirting with my man.
by maqnene September 13, 2010
a suffix put on the end of inanimate objects to name a game.

Wallzees: a couple of people throw money at a wall whoever gets the closest wins everyone elses money. Some common made up rules include:
Rollzees: when a coin rolls to the wall
Stonezees: when a coin goes backwards because it hits a stone.
Wallzees: when a coin lays either flat or pretty much flat against a wall.

Stankzees: a couple of people throw money onto a drain and then from the drain try and hit the other persons coin if you do you get their money. commonly incorrecly called "skankzees"
because you are "skanking" their money.

Bottlezees: Basicly a game of football with a plastic bottle. usually played on two picnic benches oppisite each other and below the seat is the goal.
person 1: hey you wanna game of wallzees
person 2: yeh mate, 20p game
person 1: 20p game?
person 2: 20p game
by gingerbaz November 05, 2006

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