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To agree with something, similar to yea or yes.The longer the "een" the better, and the unique thing about this word is that you can use it at any time, like at a crazy party. You can just huck it out, and it will always stay classy. Usually you would make it longer to stress how good the situation is. Also see zeen bati.
is that your car?

"how many girls?"
"Zeeeeeeeeeeen ; )"

(at a random party, or bar, and you dont even know whats going on, and its so crazy, and then you just yell it like its no man's business)
by za & C Tis October 11, 2004
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to agree with someone
alright zeen
by Chistine July 23, 2003
A word to describe someone who wears wife beaters, has a greasy combover, a fat slob, likes to wear checkered Vans Off the Walls, loves playing the gui-tar, drinks out of tupperwear and thinks his mom is hott. Just a rude and obnoxious person.
Person 1) "Your mom is a whore!"
Person 2) "At least my mom is hott, not a fat ugly whore!"
Person 1) "You're such a Zeen!"
by NHS Haterz February 24, 2009
a faster way of sayin
whats up or what you sayin
Josh: zeen
Tippinz: nuun styll
by Tippinz April 28, 2011
A word for do you understand/do you get it.
1-Me nd Ashlee best friends till death! ZEEN?!
2-Dipset Bitch! ZEEN?!
by _minnie_ March 09, 2006
A common Chicago slang for the number two hundred and sixteen (216). Heard commonly in Lincoln Park neighborhood. It is a slur of "two-sixteen".
"What room will you be in tonight?"

by Carmen Izzo May 29, 2008
a word that indicates something is cool or alright (used exclusively by wannabe suburban shitsacks)
thats zeen, or zeen that
by lil timmy August 15, 2004

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